Concrete H Posts & Panels

Our Concrete fencing systems provide a long-lasting and rot-proof alternative to the traditional timber fence. All of our H section posts and panel fencing systems are wet cast smooth finish and steel reinforced for maximum strength.  

Available in the following sizes


Concrete H Section Posts for Timber and Concrete Panels

  • 1200mm Above Ground 1800mm overall length

  • 1800mm Above Ground 2400mm overall length

  • 2100mm Above Ground 2700mm overall length

All posts are 125mm x 100mm cross section and have a slot along each side to take a maximum 50mm thickness of panel.

Concrete Panels for use with H Section Posts available in the following sizes

  • 1820mm Long x 300mm Wide x 50mm Thick Rock Face Finish

  • 1820mm Long x 300mm Wide x 50mm Plain Finish

  • 1820mm Long x 300mm Wide x 50mm Timber Finish in Brown

Panels have a design on one side and rear of panel is as cast.